The Travel Essentials: choose Rosegal! (Part 1)

Hello friends!
Today we want to talk about Rosegal, an online shop in which you can buy clothes, shoes, beauty and many other items! As we are travel lovers, we have decided to collaborate with them and choose something that you travelers will definitely enjoy!
We’ve received a pack containing two beautiful items, are you curious about the content?
Let’s find out together!

The first one is the Travel Map Watch: what we particularly like is the airplane that follows the movement of the hands but also the vintage style of the map. As a strap we chose the yellow one, but on the site you can find many colors. Do you like it?
It’s really original and you can combine so many outfits: sporty, vintage, elegant and so on.

For this reason we have also chosen a Floral Mini Chain Crossbody Bag to match: as you can see, it is simple but it has that touch of class thanks to the presence of black flowers that contrast with white.
In addition, it is small in size and therefore easy to transport in a suitcase for an important event on travel! However, if you don’t like the black & white style, you can buy this bag in the colorful version for a more sporty look.
Combined with the Travel Map Watch, it really makes a good impression, do you agree?
Ps: And that’s not all: we will soon receive another package that you’ll surely love!
Do you want to know the content? We’ll show it in the next article: stay tuned!