The Travel Essentials: choose Rosegal! (Part 2)

Hello friends!
Today we want to talk about Rosegal, an online shop in which you can buy clothes, shoes, beauty and many other items! As we are travel lovers, we have decided to collaborate with them and choose something that you travelers will definitely enjoy!
Last time we showed you a pack containing two beautiful items (click here to see the Part 1), while this time we have received a parcel that contains three original pieces!
Are you curious about the content?
Let’s find out together!

It is a beautiful Tassel 3 Pieces Handbag Set , which is durable and fashionable. Crafted from high-quality PU, it includes a wallet, a shoulder bag, and a handbag. We chose the bordeaux version, but you can decide to buy it in other colors, such as grey, brown, black and pink: in this way, you can combine your preferite one with so many outfits, for instance sporty, vintage, elegant and so on.
And if you are a traveller, this handbag set is really perfect because of its variety in terms of size (Medium 30-50cm).
In addition, every single piece is really light to carry on wherever you want.

Rosegal official website:

And what about you? Which bags do you use in a special journey? Let us know below in the comment box!