Travel Outfit Ideas by Rosegal! – ENG

Hi friends!
Do you remember the brand Rosegal?
If you are a faithful reader of our blog, you surely would have heard about it.
Last month we presented to you some travel items (such as the travel map watch or bag sets).
But now, we want to show some outfit ideas for traveling in a perfect comfort.
As you well know, a trip involves a series of journeys by means of transport (such as plane, train, bus, etc.) and very long walks. So how do you stay fashionable in a cozy way?

We made a wishlist about comfortable clothes by Rosegal, an online store that sells clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, jewelry and other interesting items.
The selected clothing is for the female gender but you can also find many ideas for men on the official website.
Here is our wishlist:

1) Women Sweater Animal Pattern Long Sleeve Knitwear Cardigan – Light Coffee

2) Two Tone Crew Neck Striped Sweater – Pink And White

3) And what about a nice scarf?
We have thought this fashionable one:
Soft Heart Pattern Embellished Silky Long Scarf – Wine Red

Finally, if you want a singular idea to stay cozy at home, take a look on this special offer about Mermaid Blankets:

Do you want a complete review about these items? Stay tuned!