Travel Outfit Ideas by Rosegal! – ENG (Part 2)

Hi friends!
Some weeks ago we talked you about Rosegal, an online shop that sells clothes, jewels, bags and many other accessories.
Yesterday we received a special parcel, containing an outfit idea for traveling in a perfect comfort. As you well know, a trip involves a series of journeys by means of transport (such as plane, train, bus, etc.) and very long walks. So how do you stay fashionable in a cozy way?
Let’s discover the content of the package!

1. Women Sweater Animal Pattern Long Sleeve Knitwear Cardigan – Light Coffee
The quality of this clothing is great and it is one size. In addition, it is available in different colors: not only light coffee but also army green, white, black and gray.

2. Two Tone Crew Neck Striped Sweater – Pink And White
Casual and perfect for fall or spring, this sweater is so lovely!
Differently from the cardigan, here you can choose the size: small, medium or large.

3. Finally, there is the Soft Heart Pattern Embellished Silky Long Scarf – Wine Red
If you are a traveler, you should know that a scarf is an essential clothing because of the weather that is always a mistery.
We chose the wine red version but it is available also in cadetblue, pink, black, khaki and beige.

If you’re a man don’t worry: on website there’s a large variety of outfits that can be perfect for a simple trip or a long journey. And the prices are very low!
So we presented you these ideas, but what about you?
Which items do you use on travel?
Let us know here below, in the comment box!

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