A romantic journey with Zaful! (ENG)

Hi friends!
Today we want to show you a wishlist about original items by Zaful, an online store that sells clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, jewelry and other interesting items.
As you know, our blog generally deals with travel advices and experiences, but we have to admit that outfits on a journey are important if you want to take some selfies.
The selected clothing is for the female gender but you can also find many ideas for men on the official website.
Here is our wishlist that could be perfect for a romantic journey:

1) Off Shoulder Ruffle Polka Dot Dress

2) Floral Belted Off Shoulder Mini Dress

Do you like these items?
If you want a complete review about Zaful clothing, stay tuned for the next blog article!
Visit Zaful Official Store: http://www.zaful.com/?lkid=13207250

Ps: What about you? Which items do you use in a romantic journey (specially in summer)? Let us know below in the comment box!